Sunday 13 December 2020

Moving to Classic Squad Leader?

Having played ASL and ASLSK on and off for the last few years I have recently rediscovered the Classic Squad Leader games (Squad Leader, Cross of Iron and Crescendo of Doom). I have not yet purchased GI: Anvil of Victory and I probably will not as it extended the rules much more. I had all these games years ago, but sold them when I moved to ASL (SL was one of the first wargames I bought about 40 years ago). Classic SL is easier to play than ASL or even ASLSK and there is ample support online from the Facebook group and Boardgame Geek. I have now solo played a few scenarios and it is very enjoyable. I had forgotten what a good game it is and the basic box condenses the entire system into 20 pages of rules. Of course CoI introduces the more advanced vehicular rules, but even this is not too heavy.

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