Monday, 31 October 2011

First steps with ASL 'proper'

I finally played a game using the SK rules against a real opponent last weekend rather than playing solo. Ashiefan from Boardgamegeek. I now have Beyond Valor as well as the 2nd edition rules. I am also expecting For King and Country to arrive today.

We decided to up the stakes for next time and incorporate some of the ASL core rulebook and stick with infantry only.

The rules we have decided on including at this stage are:

OVR 4.15
Bypass movement 4.3
Dash 4.63
Firelanes 9.22
Snapshot 8.15
Spraying fire 7.34/9.5
Overstacking 5.1

After some debate we decided to add Snipers 14 and Heat of Battle 15

We will include concealment (12) some other time.

I have to decide on a scenario this week.

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